Fence Wars Part 3: Can I force my neighbor to move a fence he built on my property?

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The Fence Authority’s Fence Wars series has so far covered two potential conflicts that can arise amongst neighbors due to their fences. Part 1 explored what to do when your yard is surrounded by neighboring fences that conflict with your design goals, and Part 2 discussed how to decide who gets the “good side” if you split the cost of a dividing fence with your neighbor. In Part 3, we’ll answer this stirring question: Can you force your neighbor to move a fence he built on your property?

Neighbors encroaching on your property with their fence? Here's how to deal with it.When your neighbor puts up an unwanted fence on your property, this is one of the worst neighborly transgressions imaginable. After all, your space is your space, and if a neighbor’s fence falls within your property lines, it’s encroaching on additional yard space that is rightly yours. As hard as it may be, though, try to contain your rage and work through the conflict as calmly as possible.

Make sure the fence actually is on your property

There’s nothing worse than starting a conflict and then discovering you were the one in the wrong. Maybe that fence really isn’t on your property. To avoid embarrassment and negative feelings, do a little investigation before confronting your neighbor. You may be able to access your property’s plat online through your city or township’s website to see exactly where the boundaries of your yard fall. If your neighbor does not believe you when you bring up the issue, you can refer them to this document.There's nothing worse than having an unwanted fence on your property, especially if it's unsightly.

Possible complication: If the fence has been on your property for a significant period of time (20 or more years in PA), your neighbor may be able to claim adverse possession, meaning that portion of your property is now theirs.

Before you take it out on the fence, talk!

If you’ve been following this blog series, you may be tired of hearing it, but we can’t stress it enough: Talking is the best way to solve a conflict. Whether that fence was recently erected without your approval or has been a menace in your yard for years, your neighbor may turn out to be a lot more reasonable than you imagined. It’s entirely possible your neighbor had no idea their fence was on your property and that they’d immediately be sorry and willing to move it! Sadly, this is no guarantee, and not everyone is eager to move a fence, especially not a newly-installed fence. If you’re willing, you can offer to help with the moving process.

So, can you force your neighbor to move that fence?

Even if it's on your property, it's not a good idea to tear down your neighbor's fence without permission.Let’s say your neighbor is a bit uncompromising and won’t budge. Can you actually force them to move it? This is where it gets a bit complicated. One thing is for certain: you should avoid tearing it down without their consent. It may seem unfair, but this can result in legal trouble for you (and general bad blood). Whether or not you have any ability to force your neighbor to move their fence can vary from township to township. Seeking specialized legal counsel is likely to be your best bet.

Whatever you do, remain diplomatic about the situation. Want that invading fence to go away? Being polite will increase the chances that your neighbor is willing to compromise on a solution that satisfies you.

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  • kaye parr says:

    my neighbor put up a fence and it is right on my property line so if I want to put a fence up what do I do because his is right on my property line and I am not happy?

  • kaye parr says:

    neighbor put fence on my property line so if I want to put a fence up where do I put it? not happy

  • Frank says:

    If it is exactly on property line but not in your property you should be happy .
    If it is on ( inside )your property then is a different issue.

  • I have lived here for twenty five years. A fence was put up before I moved in. My neighbor has three dogs and decided to put up a fence to keep them in her yard. My fence runs east and west and her fence runs north and south. She put the fence in without consulting me. I don’t think she had a right to install her fence within my property line. Isn’t there a standard by law?

  • mc says:

    I have a very difficult neighbor while my wife and i were away the idiot put up a fence on our property I no because we just had a servey done There is no need talking to them cause they do not care

  • Jagger Reed says:

    If my Neghbors fence is on my property withought an encrochmengtagreement must he move it back off my property?

  • Linda says:

    Next door to me put up fence while we were away, we had survey done and it shows it right on the property line, it comes down the front of the yards and makes seeing around the front of my house difficult and it looks crazy….can i have it moved i live in Elyria Ohio

  • Teng says:

    Today, My neighbor put out a fence and was a little bit over the property line into my property. I really want them to move the fence back to their side. But they will be mad and hate us if I tell them. What should I do?

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