So, What Kind of Fence is Best for You?

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Attractive, sturdy fencing is now available in a broad range of materials. While having a choice is great, “choosing” sometimes poses a dilemma for those looking to add new fencing to their properties. Fence Authority is here to help make this process a little easier!

Of course, the main things to consider are how you want it to look and how much maintenance you can handle or are willing to undertake. Additionally, the climate where you live will determine how much wear and tear your fence will undergo.

Popular materials are:

Custom Cedar Wood Fences:
Wood fence constructed of Eastern White Cedar have been a classic choice for decades. This is the same Cedar used for roofs and siding for the classic homes along the New England coastline. Eastern White Cedar: it’s warm, it’s traditional, it’s natural, and it’s maintenance free!

PVC – Vinyl Fences:
Vinyl fencing is a great choice if you are looking for durable, extremely low maintenance fencing. The quality of vinyl fencing is so excellent these days that you can hardly tell they are made of vinyl. Color choices are a bit more limited, mainly ranging from white and beige, but vinyl fencing never needs to be painted. There is also no worrying about termites, rotting, or warping, allowing you to enjoy beautiful fencing year after year.

Aluminum Fences:
Old-fashioned wrought iron looks stunning, but it is extremely high maintenance, requiring regular repainting and touch ups. Aluminum fencing has proved to be an excellent replacement, being less expensive and less prone to oxidation, making it far more durable while requiring a low level of maintenance. Additionally, aluminum can replicate the intricate look of wrought iron, but since aluminum can be extruded hollow, it is lighter and less cumbersome than wrought iron.

In Summary:

Decide the material, keeping in mind the primary use of the fence and the amount of wear and tear it will be exposed to.

Talk to an expert if you have any questions—our team at Fence Authority is always glad to help out clients and assist them with any questions.

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