What’s the Best Fence for Kids?

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Do these kids need a new fence?The saying goes that having a child is having your heart walk around outside your body. When you have kids, it’s stressful to worry about their safety at all time, but also inevitable. Part of that worry is about knowing where they are, and part is wanting to know that where they are isn’t posing a danger. That’s where your fence comes in.


While fences have many uses and people have various reasons for wanting one, fencing your yard when you have kids is a big reason. It’s a great feature when you’re selling your house, since a fence will appeal to buyers with children. Most importantly, though, it’s great for your children now. Here’s why you need a fence based on each concern you may have, and what fence works best.


Keeping your kids safe from animals and intruders


You can better control what is in your yard if you can keep things out – think of neighborhood dogs, wild animals, or even intruders. That’s why a fence can provide the protection you want for your children so you can be sure your yard is a safe zone

The best fence to use for safety is one that will make your yard private and unlikely to be breached by anyone or anything. A wood or vinyl privacy fence that is 6 feet in height will likely keep people and animals from seeing your kids in the first place, and will prevent smaller animals from squeezing in through a gap or opening. If your fence has a gate, make sure it can be secured from the inside to keep people from easily accessing your backyard.

Keeping your kids nearby

Kids are able to climb this fence, leading to dangerous situations.

You also want to keep your children IN your yard, in addition to keeping things out. Your yard can be a safe space to play, but the neighbor’s yard, nearby pond, or 4 lane highway might not be. When your children are contained in the yard you can be more relaxed while knowing they can’t get into trouble – or else, not much trouble, anyway.


If you have small children, you’ll want to be sure your fence is kid-proof. That means that your fence will still perform its job around children – keeping them inside the yard. Get a fence that’s not climbable. A wood or vinyl privacy fence creates a smooth surface without hand and footholds to make sure your kids can’t climb over. Make sure your fence extends down to the ground enough to keep kids from crawling under, and also that they can’t squeeze through any gaps.  

Keeping your pool off limits

A pool fence is not only a great choice for safety, it’s a legal requirement. Fencing your pool will help you with insurance liability if someone does get hurt, and keep anyone out who does not have permission to be there. If you have children, a pool fence can also define the pool area and keep it separate from the yard area, which can be reserved for safe outdoor play.


A pool fence should keep your children safe from the water.

Many people prefer fences the show the pool. This can also be a safety issue, since this type of fence makes it easier to see if anyone is in the pool or pool area at a glance. An aluminum fence, which has a more open design, is perfect for this use. Vinyl fences, which can be resistant to mold, rot, and fading from sun, can also be erected in an open style. Wood fences are not great for pools, since the splashing water can cause wood to deteriorate more quickly.


Investigating the process of installing a fence for kids


If you have a toddler who is just becoming mobile, plan on having children in the future, or just bought a home for your family, you will likely want to look into options for a fence that will keep your kids safe and happy. Speak with a fence professional, who can not only make suggestions about which type of fence to get and where to put it, but can install the fence for you as well. Contact us to talk about fence safety. 

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