Checklist: What DIY fence materials do you need?

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Aside from measuring your yard, one of the most important steps you must take to prepare for this project is acquiring your materials. There are a variety of ways to get the necessary ingredients for a DIY fence, from scavenging your own garage to bugging a neighbor to contacting a local supplier.

If you use a DIY fencing kit like EZ Fence 2 Go, most of what you need will already be included once you purchase your kit. Kits are also great for first-time DIYers. However, there are still a few other materials you’re going to need that won’t come with the kit. Let’s go down the checklist of everything together so you can avoid having to dash out to the store mid-project.

An auger or post hole digger.

Fence Materials and Tools Checklist

  • DIY Fencing Kit
  • Stakes and String
  • Tape Measure
  • Torpedo Level
  • Circular Saw
  • Ready Mix Concrete (1½ bags per post)
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Digging/Tamping Bar

Where to Find Fence Materials

Okay, you know what you need, but where are you going to find it all? Here are some of your options:

Finding tools in your own garage…or your neighbor’s

This is by far the cheapest and way to gather fence materials—and provided your garage or toolshed is organized, it may also be very quick. Many DIY fence materials are basics that you’re likely to already have, especially if you’re a frequent DIYer or your neighbor is. Remember to ask nicely and return anything you borrow. The basics you may not have to buy mainly include the materials for marking and measuring—the tape measurer, stakes, and string.

As for materials you need during installation, you may also already have a level. However, a torpedo level, which can check whether a surface is plumb or level, is recommended for fence building. A post hole digger, (also known as an auger,) and digging/tamping bar, are also necessary for exactly what their names imply. If you don’t have a post hole digger, can’t find a friend with one, and don’t want to buy one, you can rent one! If you would like to own your tools permanently—which is a good idea if you plan to DIY again—all of the items on the list are available at your local home improvement store.


Wisteria PVC Fence from The Fence Authority in West Chester, PA
The Fence Authority, located in West Chester, PA, can arrange pickup of fence materials for local residents.

Purchasing your DIY fence kit

By far the most important item on your fence checklist is the fence itself. Ordering fence materials online is always an option, including for getting the panels themselves. However, you may want to visit your local fence company so you can see the panels in person and then arrange pickup or delivery. Working with a company that specializes in fences means that there will be an expert you can talk to about your project.

Your local fence contractor is also a great resource if you’re unsure about whether you’re buying the right DIY tools. As we always say, doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone, and you should never be afraid to ask for help, whether from your neighbor or local fence company! However, by using a DIY kit, you may find that the help you need is limited.

Download our DIY Fencing guide

Are there any other materials you find that you need for your DIY fence projects? Have any questions or other suggestions? The comments are open!

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  • Brandon says:

    I’m so happy I found your site. Thank you for sharing this information.
    I live in SC. My biggest issue is getting an accurate measurement of materials.
    – The line of fence that I want is 190 ft.
    – One single gate.
    – One double gate (for car/mower to drive thru)

    I just need to know how to measure.
    How wide should each panel be?
    How How big to make each post?

    Here is a link to the type of fence I want. (Picture Frame Fence).

    Thanks for any info. And thanks again for providing this informational site.

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