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ActiveYards aluminum and PVC-vinyl fencing provides a beautiful, durable fence solution backed by a lifetime guarantee. You’ll love ActiveYards fences for their strength and reliability, not to mention their undeniable style.

At Fence Authority, we proudly offer ActiveYards Aluminum and PVC-Vinyl Fencing to give your yard a fresh, finished look. Stop by one of our locations or shop online for an ActiveYards fence to take advantage of our deep discounts and expert installation on:

ActiveYards Aluminum Fencing: ActiveYards aluminum fencing uses patent-pending Corigin™ technology that outperforms standard fencing structures. Corigin™ aluminum fences connect the pickets and rails from the inside, fortifying and strengthening the core structure. Without screws, there’s no need to worry about loose, rusting or breaking screws that make your fence look old and rundown. Another great benefit of less wear and tear is a decreased need for regular maintenance.

ActiveYards PVC-Vinyl Fencing: ActiveYards PVC-vinyl fencing options come in individually wrapped, fully assembled sections. ActiveYards manufactures PVC-vinyl fencing with patented technologies for unique fencing materials.

  • Cambium™ gives fencing a natural feel and looks like real wood to blend in with natural surroundings.
  • SolarGuard™ technology protects fence color from fading in direct sunlight exposure.
  • GlideLock™ design constructs strong fence structures that withstand wind and natural elements better than traditional fences.

Contact us for more information on ActiveYards fencing today!

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