Spruce Up Your Shore Property with These 3 Landscaping Ideas

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What are you doing to transform your shore house from blah to wow? You could upgrade your kitchen, add an addition to your yard, or even grow flowers around your entire property. The possibilities are endless.

However, you won’t have a clue about what to do until you do your research. That’s why we’ve created this guide. We want to give you the best landscaping ideas for your property to make the selection process easier and faster for you.

First, do yourself a favor. Go around your property and build a list of what you already have, what you don’t have, and what you really, really want for your property. Are you missing anything that you would love to add or change? Write it down and come back to this article.

Stairway to Tranquility

wooden stairs to bayYou’ve invested in a house at the shore, so you want it to be a place of tranquility. This can become a distant dream if you’re a parent, so why not also invest in giving your children room to roam?

Say your house is on the beach or bay side of the town. When you add stairs down from the house to the sand or water, you allow a new place for your kids to go. They get to have fun by the water, and you get that relaxation you’re dying to have.

To add: stairs, just like decks, can be hazardous when they get old, and the shore weather can often expedite the damage. It’s important you take care of your stairs by following best practices and hiring the right builders from the start.

If you want to achieve peace at the shore, add the stairway to tranquility to your list from earlier.

The Secret Garden (Path)

wooden-garden-pathWhen you’re stressed from everyday living, and you just want to get away from it all, a garden is often the best retreat without leaving your property.

With a garden, why not add a path? What better way to add this path than to build it out of wood? It’s the all-natural way to giving you direction throughout your garden.

Your garden is your retreat, so it’s time to make the investment in a wooden path. When you have this path, your garden is complete. It’s your place for getting away from all the hustle and bustle of your life. It’s time to make it a perfect getaway.

When you’re ready to invest in this process, add the garden path to your list from earlier.

Under the Boardwalk (Down By the Sea…)

wood-panel-pathThe third addition to your shore property is the wooden walkway leading from one outdoor location to another. For example, use a walkway resembling a boardwalk going from your back door to your pool. Use wood to build a small, decorative bridge anywhere you feel it could go.

Have you ever wanted to build a walkway on your property? Maybe in the backyard from your pool to your driveway? If you think about it, you’ll realize there are many possibilities.

What are you going to do next? You’re going to add any walkway options to your list we discussed. Be specific about what you’re looking for in a walkway. The more detailed you are, the easier it’ll be to move forward with the right approach.


It’s time to revisit that list you’ve been building. What do you see? Do you see a need you want resolved? Maybe it’s an issue with property appearance that one of these 3 landscaping ideas can resolve. Or, do you see a new idea you can follow-up with based on what you’ve read here?

When you know what you want, you have to decide:

  • Is this worth the investment?
  • How will I proceed?
  • What can I do to get this done?

You might not see a need for a garden path or a walkway or even stairs, but you’re still missing something on your property that you just can’t pinpoint.

One recommendation is to take another tour of your own property. Build a list of what you do have and come back to this website. Do you have a fence? What about a deck? Is your existing fence or deck in need of a drastic overhaul?

We have a guide for your next deck project. It’s everything you need to know about getting a new deck, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn what you need to know. It’ll help you properly prepare for when you make the investment in your deck upgrade.


Do you have any questions? Leave a comment here, and we’ll give you an answer. Let’s start a discussion by exploring what ideas you’ve written down during this process. Also, feel free to share your ideas!

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