Surprising Ways Decorative Fencing Can Enhance Your Yard

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There are many creative ways to use fencing in your yard.What’s the purpose of a fence? At first, the answer may seem obvious. When you think of  a fence, you’re likely imagining a designated border around your property. Depending on the purpose of your fence–for instance, containment for the safety of your kids or pets–then you may require a secure fence that wraps around your whole yard with no gaps. However, surrounding your yard is not the only way to use fencing! Decorative fences can be used for many unexpected purposes. Here are some ideas for using fencing and sections of fence panelling creatively in your landscape.

Creating a boundary that isn’t claustrophobic

Privacy is one of the top reasons homeowners install fences–and if you don’t want your neighbors to see into your yard, a solid panel fence may be the way to go. But what if you feel claustrophobic in an enclosed yard?  The boundary your fence creates can accomplish the purpose of defining your property lines without blocking your view. In fact, it doesn’t even need to block anyone from entering your yard! A few sections of decorative fence panels can make the difference between your yard and your neighbors’ clear, but the space in your yard will feel open rather than closed off. This could be as few as two panels–it’s amazing what impression a little bit of fencing can make!

Marking the corners of your property

Corner fences are another way you can mark your property lines while keeping your yard open. A corner fence is a decorative feature that involves two fence panels making an angle–just like they do at the corner of a regular fence–but without the rest of the fence. If you place one at each corner of your yard, viewers will automatically imagine the invisible lines connecting the corners. Plus, corner fences are a great complement to landscaping and easy to design around. Try creating little flower beds or gardens in your corners, and finish off the border with some decorative stones! White picket fences are an excellent choice for showcasing your plants while bringing classic American style to your yard.

Building a mini fence around backyard features

Concealment fences: Do you have a hideous generator in plain sight, or are your trash and recycling cans cramping your style? Maybe some tools and supplies strewn in your yard without a shed to call home? All of these unsightly problems can be fixed by building a mini fence to surround them! Not only can a fence hide the less appealing features of your yard, but it can look beautiful while doing the job. For this purpose, a solid panel fence works best, but semi privacy fences can also go a long way to conceal unsightly features.

Garden fences: If you have a garden, you’ll want to show it off, not hide it, but there may be hungry critters you’d like to keep out. A mini fence around your garden can stop unwelcome furry visitors while enhancing your garden. Lattice fences are popular for containing gardens because they are functional as well as attractive.

Spa fences: Hot tubs are another feature that may warrant a special fence to give you and your guests privacy while you’re taking a dip. Try a vinyl privacy fence–this material will hold up against any water you splash!

Your fence can stop wherever you want, but the ideas can keep going!

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many possibilities for decorating with fence panels without building a traditional fence. A few other ideas include:

  • Building a corral to compost leaves
  • Lining a long walkway with a split rail fence design
  • Using aluminum fence panels as a trellis for growing vines
  • Adding fence panels and/or arbors where you have gaps in privacy hedges
  • Sectioning out a portion of your patio

One thing’s for certain–fences aren’t only for confinement, and they don’t have to stay confined to the borders of your property. Decorating with fencing isn’t all or nothing. If you’re looking for a new DIY project, finding a unique way to incorporate fencing could be it!

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