The 15 Most Useful Deck Additions: How They’re Both Fun and Functional

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You have a deck, but do you know what would make it truly pop with aesthetic appeal? If you want to make your neighbors really jealous, consider adding or incorporating these deck additions. Your neighbors will be playing copycat in no time, and you’ll be an aesthetics master for the whole neighborhood to seek out.

Deck additions for privacy:

deck additions: privacy1-3) Lattice, Shutters, or Tarp

These three options each provide privacy from those nosy neighbors you have nearby. You can use a lattice for a more decorative design, shutters for more practical use, or a tarp for an easier and lighter approach.

When you’re considering how these additions can be aesthetically pleasing, you should keep in mind how you’ll install the item. For example, you can add vines, artistic decorations, or other extras to your lattice or shutters to make them more visually appealing. You can use a tarp that was intentionally selected to go well with the rest of your deck and house design.

Deck additions for entertaining:

deck additions for privacy4) Furniture

Besides the fact that you and your guests need a place to sit and eat, you can also use furniture to feed your inner child. Add a swinging sofa or hammock. Choose furniture that fits your style and appeals to your comfort needs.

5) Outdoor sound system

What do you want to listen to when you’re outside for a family dinner? Having background music playing from an outdoor sound system adds more to your meal. Instead of eating in silence, add a sound system to your deck.

6) Outdoor kitchen

When you’re the chef of a party at your house, do you want to be isolated indoors while everyone’s outside in the nice weather? Of course not. This is why you should consider adding kitchen equipment to your deck. You’ll be part of the party instead of cooking alone.

7) Bench border

Say you are entertaining a large group of people. What are you going to do when you run out of seats? This scary scenario is exactly why you should add benches around your deck’s border. You can even design these benches as storage space, too, for double the use.

8) GazeboPinterest-deck-additions

If you have room for it, you can add a gazebo to your deck for more seating space in a comfortable environment. Gazebos are an attractive deck addition you can include for both practical and aesthetic use.

9) Pergola

For all those times when you’re eating outside and want to feel at home, add a pergola over your dining area. This addition is a great way to make your deck even more visually appealing, and you have many options for what design to use.

10) Hot tub

If you’re feeling especially indulgent, consider the possibility of adding a small hot tub to your deck. This extra feature will make your deck as appealing as can be because who doesn’t want a hot tub on their property? A hot tub will make your neighbors look at your deck with envy.

Deck additions for decoration:

11) Statuaries

When you’re thinking about how to really spruce up your deck area, maybe it’s time to go all in with adding statuaries. These are most commonly in the shape of angels, and they’re a great way to add that extra touch to your deck. However, they’re not often added alone. They usually work best when combined with a garden.

12-13) Planter Boxes and Garden

To follow up with the comment above about garden statuaries, perhaps you’d just be satisfied with just planter boxes along your railings – or a small garden without the statuary. Adding greenery to your deck may seem unnecessary (because it technically is), but your deck design could be extra special and appealing when you add some color to it.

Practical deck additions:

railing-deck-examples14) Railings

Most decks need to include railings for safety or practical use. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality though. You don’t have to go with a standard, boring railing but rather choose a design that works best for you. Railings are usually considered a standard addition, but you can make them enhance your overall deck appeal by choosing the type that you want.

15) Post lamps

Finally, this last deck addition is especially practical. You want to enjoy your deck at all times, right? Even at night? You’ll need light to see what you’re doing and where you’re going when it’s dark, so adding lamps is a must. The best place to add a lamp is on your railing posts. It prevents lamps from taking up valuable deck space, and they look good on your railings, too.


Now that you know the 15 best deck additions, what are you going to do about what you’ve learned? You want to have the best deck in town, and these additions will get you to that point.

Our recommended next step is to create a checklist of what you need for your deck and what you want for it. If you decide you want to add any of these items to your deck, that’s awesome. Here at the Fence Authority, we can get your deck ready for these additions by restoring it with a renovation.

Contact us when you’re ready to take the next step.

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  • Sally says:

    Is a pergola an open thing? We want to add a ‘roof’ over our existing deck to keep out the rain. Will this enhance the value of our home? We have a lovely home on a lake and face the East – which we prefer because it gets pretty hot here. On the other hand, it would be fantastic to add a roof to our deck so we can sit out there when it rains, or when it is very hot.

  • Vanessa Blair says:

    My mom wants to add up some decorations and design on our porch. It was discussed here that deck additions can be placed for entertaining guests. Moreover, it’s advisable to hire professional remodeling contractors when planning to have deck additions.

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