The Top 7 Privacy Fence Styles You Can Buy Online

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Privacy fences are made of solid panels that accomplish exactly what their name implies: creating privacy in your yard. They may be used to contain pets and children inside your yard or to keep unwanted visitors out. Many homeowners prefer secluded yards where they can relax with their families and entertain guests without being exposed to prying neighbors. Installing a fence is not the only way to create privacy in your yard, but it is one of the most effective.

Privacy fence kits that include pre-assembled panels make DIY installation easy for handy homeowners. These kits can be bought online; you just need to measure your yard to find out how many posts and panels to purchase.

Check out our list of the 7 most popular outdoor privacy fences you can buy online and install yourself, including both wood and ActiveYards vinyl fences.

1. 6’ White Cedar Dog Eared Privacy Panel Fence

6’ White Cedar Dog Eared Privacy Panel Fence Fence boards with rounded tops are known as “dog eared.” This classic style isn’t only used for solid privacy fences; it’s also seen on many picket fences and semi-privacy fences. Using dog eared boards doesn’t offer any specific advantages for dogs over any other type of privacy fence—it’s just a name. That said, we would absolutely recommend this 6’ high white cedar panel fence for dogs! The height should be sufficient for any sized dog. While some dog owners claim their pet can jump higher, the world record is only 5’8”!

Buy panels online:

2. 6’ High Spruce Stockade Panel Fence

6’ Spruce Stockade Panel Fence

Spruce is a lower cost fence material than cedar, and one reason is that it lacks cedar’s natural ability to resist weathering and rot. However, spruce can easily be painted or stained to increase its longevity. We suggest these 6’ high x 8’ wide spruce stockade panels for those who want the look of a natural wood fence without breaking the bank.

Buy panels online: 6’ Spruce Stockade Panel Fence

3. 6’ White Cedar Lattice Top Privacy Panel Fence

6’ Cedar Lattice Top Privacy Fence - 1” x 5” Tongue & Groove Boards

Want a fence with a little flair? Adding a lattice top to your panels is a great way to go. The lattice design can be used as a trellis as long as you’re careful not to grow vines that could damage your fence.

Look no further than this cedar lattice top privacy fence. It features 5’ of privacy fencing topped off by 1’ of lattice. The Eastern White Cedar tongue and groove boards measure 1” x 5”, and panels are 8’ wide.

Buy panels online: 6’ Cedar Lattice Top Privacy Fence – 1” x 5” Tongue & Groove Boards

4. Traditional 6’ White Cedar Privacy Panel Fence

Traditional 6’ White Cedar Privacy Panel Fence

This 6’ high privacy panel fence, made of white cedar, is perhaps the most common type of backyard enclosure. Its 1” x 4” tongue and groove boards are topped by a horizontal rail rather than stylized pickets that protrude. Arbor style or pyramid style wood post caps make a beautiful addition to this classic fence!

Buy panels online: 6’ White Cedar Privacy Fence – 1” x 4” Tongue and Groove Boards

5. ActiveYards 6’ Arrowwood Haven Vinyl Fence in Sand

ActiveYards 6’ Arrowwood Haven Vinyl Fence in Sand

Want a lattice top fence, but not interested in the maintenance required for the wood fence we mentioned above? A vinyl fence is the perfect solution, and ActiveYards is the leading maker of low-maintenance fencing systems. The Haven series is ActiveYards’ premium line of high-end fences, complete with reinforced rails and the widest range of color choices. In addition to the Sand color shown here, the Arrowwood fence from the Haven series comes in White and Wicker. ActiveYards kits come with unassembled sections and easy-to-follow instructions for handy DIYers.

Buy panels online: 6’ ActiveYards Arrowwood Haven Series Section Kit – Sand

6. 6’ ActiveYards Dogwood Haven Privacy Fence in Wicker

6’ ActiveYards Dogwood Haven Series Section Kit - Wicker

The ActiveYards Dogwood fence from the Haven series in Wicker comes closer to the appearance of wood. Sure, you’re not going to fool anyone, but the natural color will blend with your outdoor landscape while making a modern statement.

This 6’ vinyl fence kit is also available in Sand and White.

Buy panels online: 6’ ActiveYards Dogwood Haven Series Section Kit – Wicker

7. 6’ ActiveYards Dogwood Home Privacy Fence in White

6’ ActiveYards Dogwood Home Privacy Fence in White

The ActiveYards Home series is a lower cost option than the Haven series. Vinyl fences in this series trade a little bit of “flair” for affordability, but no quality is sacrificed! This 6’ Dogwood fence from the Home series in White is pristine and modern. It also comes in Sand, but if you’re looking for a fence in Wicker, you’ll need to invest in the Haven series.

Buy panels online: 6’ ActiveYards Dogwood Home Series Section Kit – White

Order Fence Panels Online or Visit The Fence Authority in West Chester

Located near The Fence Authority’s flagship location in West Chester, PA? Then you can stop by and pick up any of the fences from our shop in person rather than having your panels shipped! Order online or give us a call at 610-431-4343.

While the fences we have in stock are all awesome options, you’re not limited by them, and you don’t have to do it yourself if you’d rather just kick back. We love creating and installing custom fences! Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. Whether it’s something you saw on Pinterest or in a dream, our fence experts can make your backyard vision a reality.

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